We at the organization of the future of all help different countries to reform their ecenomy. We work with various organizations and governments that provide loans without or with verry low interest to different sectors that is good for economy. The organizations provide loans to private sectors and to public sectors. We at The future of all help with the entire process and lead the projects. In this way we protect the loans and ensure that the entire project ends well. We provide loans to energy, transportation, water & sanitation, telecommunications, health, education, agriculture, industry, finance, infrastructure and mining.


Education is one of the most important things a child needs, but not all children get the chance to go to school or they go, but there is a lack of good education that comes from many circumstances such as: war, destroyed schools, bad educated teachers, no good matrials, no good learning areas, no money, no libraries, no internet centers, they are not allowed by their parents, they can not because they have to watch their sisters or brothers, they do not get enough tutoring and many more things what I can mention. That is why we (THE FUTURE OF ALL) have many projects open to improve or completely remove all these points mentioned above.

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Health is one of the most important things that a person must have in order to be able to return to life. We of Organization of THE FUTURE OF ALL find it important to improve many things that have to do with health in Iraq. Many cities in Iraq have been bombed flat in the horrifying war against IS. alBecause almost all hospitals have been bombed and many doctors lack experience, there is a shortage of care. We at THE FUTURE OF ALL ORGANIZATION want to change that. We want to create several projects to reduce the shortage of care, but it would be great if we let the deficit or care disappear completely and you can help us with that. For more information on how you can help us with that, please visit our page: Donate. Here below we show you what we want to work on to help so many people with care.

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As you and many others know, many people in Iraq have fled the country because of the war. They have left everything behind and three of the most important things are: food, drinks and clothes. Almost everything has been destroyed by the violent war against the terorristic group IS, such as houses, hospitals, schools etc. Supplies of food, drink and clothes have also fallen short. After this fierce war people are trying to pick up their lives again, but before people can move back into their houses and start working again and start their normal life again, people need food, drinks and clothes. That is why we are going to give people as much food, drink and clothes as possible.

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The winter is about to start soon and 80 percent of the population has lost their home, where several months ago there was fierce fighting against the terrorist group IS. The winter in Iraq can be very intense, so intense that people do not get warm enough that they can die from the cold. That is why we want to start rebuilding the houses that have been bombed as soon as possible. It is about what amount we receive. At small amounts we help with house building or furnishing, but at large sums we can instruct contractors and architects to rebuild houses again. We have a plan and that plan works like this, we first see how much money we get and what we can achieve with that money. We always try to get the maximum of the minimals out, that means. That we look at how we can use as much of that money as possible. Once we have money inside. We start at the worst street that people are most affected by and we go from street to street and in as short a time as possible we want to build an entire city. Our goal is to start as soon as possible with our projects. Because we want to have as many houses as possible built before the winter starts so that the population can stay warm and safe at home in the winter.

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