Give food baskets to poor families

Name of the project:  Work to a better life.

Purpose of the project: Reach out to the largest number of poor and displaced families returning from exile, and the oppressed and affected by wars.

Procedural objectives: Provide food baskets to displaced, poor, orphan and to families who have returned after the war.

 Place of execution:  Province of Mosul and surroundings.

 Number of beneficiaries:  1000 families in Mosul.

Duration of the project: 6 months. The plan is to give every month one food basket for 1000 families in Mosul and its suburbs.

Components of food basket:

1.    4 liter of food oil

2.    2 boxes of tomato paste

3.    5 kg rice

4.    2 kg lentils

5.    2 kg beans

6.    10 kg flour

7.    1 kg of tea

8.    3 kg sugar