Ambulance cars

Project Name: Emergency ambulance vehicles

Overall goal: Delivery of ambulance vehicles to provinces in Iraq suffering from the unavailability of means and resources for the transportation of patients, victims of accidents and heavy ill and invalid people to healthcare centers. This project mainly targets provinces heavily affected by ISIS destructive presence.

Project objectives:  

-      Deliver ambulances to designed NGOs working in the field of rescue and first aid;

-      Provide direct support to vulnerable people in need of urgent medical assistance;

-      Empower local NGOs to contribute to providing healthcare services to underserved social groups;

-      Alleviate some burden on State institutions unable to fulfill needs and expectations of populations leaving in areas heavily affected by ISIS crimes.

Project implementation area:

 Three Iraqi provinces with the most acute need:

1.    Province of Mosul

2.    Province of Salaheddine

3.    Province of Anbar


Number of ambulance vehicles: 15

Number of beneficiaries:  approximately 10 million people are concerned

Residents of the 3 provinces most affected by war against ISIS, and indirectly 6 near

by provinces suffering from the lack of rescue vehicles and at risk of losing human lives due to poor emergency support services. Ambulance vehicles will be available to provide support to millions and save lives


                            Project manager: Ismail Saleh