26 Apr

The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre aims to be an international model of excellence for the provision of humanitarian aid. Some of the fundamental principles upon which the center bases its operations are:

○ Providing help to indigent and crisis-affected people throughout the world.

○ Providing aid objectively and fairly to all in need

.○ Coordinating and consulting with reliable and trustworthy international organizations and institutions.

○ Following internationally-accepted criteria for the optimum selection and application of relief programs.

○ Unifying the efforts of all parties concerned in the Kingdom’s relief activities.

○ Ensuring the professionalism and competence of the center’s employees and volunteers.

○ Accurate aid delivery to eligible recipients, ensuring that targeted aid is not diverted for other purposes.

○ Aid must meet the highest quality standards.

We of TFA Organization for Relief, Development and Construction Hereby ask the the King Salman Relief Center for assistance and collaboration to work with us to achieve our charities together and successfully.

Source reference: https://www.ksrelief.org/Pages/NewsDetails/3f9d1487-5047-4e61-9c2c-4ea42d90da49

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